Providing an exciting mix of hands-on audio production, training and consultancy services.

Rob Bee’s clients benefit from a rare combination of techy and creative, so if you need fresh ideas or technical assistance, he is the person to talk to about all things audio.

Rob is a shining light of audio wonderfulness. Seriously. He is, without hesitation, our go-to man for anything audio production or studio engineering related. Would highly recommend!


Whether Rob is working on audio for TV, radio, showreels, audiobooks, telecoms systems or corporate training videos, Rob promises to make things as simple as possible and still exceed your expectations.

No fuss, no faff. Just good clean work. Turns out the studio tickler can also use his tickling stick on demos! Thanks Mistar Gwenynen [Mr Bee] for tickling, smoothing and generally sorting out my gaming and commercial demos.

Noni Lewis | Voiceover

Showreel Production

For voiceovers, your showreel is one of the most important pieces of audio you have to deal with

Freelance Sound Engineer

Rob’s wide-ranging experience and technical know-how set him up well to be a first-class freelance sound engineer.