Are you looking for a Manchester based freelance graphic designer who can pick up your brief and run with it?

Maybe you need a hand with studio or workflow traffic management? Helen is an experienced freelance creative artworker and studio manager and has worked with some of the biggest and best advertising agencies and independent brands in the North West. Approaching every project with energy, enthusiasm – and bags of common sense – to ensure your job is delivered on time and on budget.

Helen has brought structure and order to a previously disorganised department. She has made everyone feel valued and engendered a real sense of team which has had a very positive effect on morale. The output of the team has increased as a result of Helen’s leadership and her ability to grasp issues faced by the department and the suggestion and introduction of improved working methods has been invaluable.

David Keen | The Guinness Partnership
(Studio management freelance placement)

If you have a project in mind, or want to make a booking please contact Helen.

Freelance clients have included:

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