Reviews – Website & Brand

Discover ways to improve your website and branding

Perfect for voice actors who have a website, but are looking for ways to improve their overall online presence and branding.

If you’re an experienced voiceover wanting to get the most out of your current website and brand, or you’re just starting out and want to know how to make the most of a smaller budget, reviews will give you lots of suggestions and ways you can improve your online presence. 

Helen will assess your website and brand then compile a list of suggestions for improvement. Some might be simple ways to improve the layout or structure of your website or ways to ensure you are easily contactable. Some suggestions might be more involved, like how to improve your SEO or search results or how to better use your brand colour palette.

Each review is unique and specific to you.

Who is it for?

The reviews are for anyone wanting to want to make the most of the website and branding they already have. It is perfect for voiceovers who already have a website and are looking for ways to improve it

Does it matter how my website is built?

No – the review can be done on any website.

What happens if I don't know how to make some of the suggested changes?

Don’t worry – Helen can help. We’ll go through the list of suggestions together and work out how quickly we can get them done. Then you can book an hour or more of Helen’s time to get the changes made. This is an optional add-on, and at all times you’re in control.

Jill Myers brand and web review with additional 1 day support

What does it cover?


  • Responsiveness

    How your site looks and functions on desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Look and Feel

    Design, layout, colours, typography and images

  • Navigation

    How easy is it to find specific things?

  • Calls To Action

    What do you want visitors to do? And can they do it?

  • Form Testing

    Testing for ease of completion (on desktop and mobile)

  • Load Speed

  • Broken Links

    Checking for any broken links


  • Look and Feel

    Design, layout, colours, typography and images

  • Tone of Voice

  • Images

    Styling and quality

  • Logo

  • Consistance

    for look and feel, tone-of-voice, message and values

  • Social Profile

    Content and style is consistent with your website

  • Your business name

    Looking at search results on Google

How does it work?

  • A Few Questions

    Once you book a review, I’ll send over a short questionnaire for you to fill out. I’ll ask for links to your website and any social platforms you want me to review, along with a few quick questions about how you use them.

  • The Review

    After I've received your completed form, I will reviewing everything you’ve sent and compile a list of suggestions. Some will be small and easy for you to complete, others may be more complicated and may need a more technical solution.

  • It's Over To You

    I’ll send you the review list, and it’s then the next step is up to you. We can arrange a time to chat through the list and I’ll happily clarify any suggestions that are unclear. Then you choose from 2 options.
    OPTION 1 – Work though the list yourself in your own time.
    OPTION 2 – You put the list into priority order, I’ll let you know how long it will take me to complete the changes, and (once we agree the extra cost) I’ll make the changes for you.

Pricing and Timescales

Estimated Timeline: 1 – 2 weeks
Investment: £200

To book your review, please complete the short form below.
Please note I have limited availability for reviews until July.
No payment is taken at this stage.

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