Social Media Templates

Do you want your social media feeds to match your branding? Do you want simple-to-use templates you can use over and over again?

Helen can design you your own branded social media templates.

Designed to match your branding, these templates allow you to add your own text and quotes to any social media platform. Choose from either square, portrait, landscape or a mix of all three, Helen will design a selection of options for you to choose from.

You’ll get unique branded templates that you can use over and over again.

Price options

Social Media Banners

3 BANNERS = £90

5 BANNERS = £140

8 BANNERS = £230

Choose from the following sizes:
Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, SoundCloud, other (please specify platform & size)

Social Media Template

(2 designs, 3 sizes, 6 files)

(4 designs, 3 sizes, 12 files)

(9 designs, 3 sizes, 27 files)

Each template set includes 1 of each:

SQUARE / Suitable for use as an Instagram feed post or Facebook feed post
PORTRAIT / Suitable for use as an Instagram Stories post, Facebook Stories post or Pinterest post
LANDSCAPE / Suitable for use as a Twitter post

Multiple size template set Example
Bond Hair bespoke social media templates set.
social media template examples.

How does it work?

Firstly I’ll need you to send me your logo and links to your website so I can see what your branding looks like. I will then design a few options for you. You then get to pick which ones you want to use, and I’ll send the files to you. If you want to make changes to any of the initial designs, that’s fine too.

What will you get?

Once you’ve chosen your designs I’ll send you jpeg files that you can add text or images to using apps or software such as Canva, Phonto, Photoshop or Wavve (there are lots of free apps that you can use to do this).

Will anyone else get the same designs as me?

No. The designs will be unique to you and your brand.

Where can I use the templates?

Templates can be designed for use on any social media platform. You can choose a templates for a single social platform or a mix. It’s up to you.

Some of Helen's social template projects

Jill Kenton voiceover bespoke LinkedIn banner design

Jill Kenton Voiceover

Social Profile Banners
Wavve Templates

B Double E Kate Whelan Voiceover branding and socials.

Kate Whelan Voiceover

Brand Refresh • Email Signature
Social Media Templates

PartyLite With Love

Social Media Campaign
Email • Brochure

B Double E branding and logos
B Double E social media templates.

Get in touch to get your own personal branded social media templates.

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