Helen is a delight to work with. She is very straightforward and down-to-earth, and she manages the website development process extremely well, making it both simple and enjoyable. I recommend her without reservation.


Charlotte Whitehead Career Practic.

Charlotte Whitehead | Career Practic

Oh my goodness, this is like pulling a few weeds in the veg patch and finding solid GOLD bars beneath!!! Your email [newsletter] is so helpful and supportive… And free! I can’t thank you enough.

Abbe Opher | Voiceover

I just love your newsletters, thank you! They’re so informative and interesting.

Gina Mellotte | Voiceover

Highly recommended – Rob is approachable, generous, creative and flexible. An excellent experience making my voice reels – he tailored his service to suit my needs.

Melanie Crawley | Voiceover

Big shout out to @b_2_es amazing branding work… Can’t recommend @b_2_es [Helen] enough. I was delighted with the result!

Kate Whelan Voiceover

Kate Whelan | Voiceover

Another essential value-for-money investment was a visit from studio supremo Rob Bee 🐝  from Bee Productive, who made sure everything was sounding gorgeous. Thanks Rob!

Katie Flamman | Voiceover

My studio after Rob has been in and sorted it out for me. It sounds amazing! The acoustics are fantastic. He’s done such a great job and I’m really happy with it… it’s incredible!

Rebecca Courtney | Voiceover

No fuss, no faff. Just good clean work. Turns out the studio tickler can also use his tickling stick on demos! Thanks Mistar Gwenynen [Mr Bee] for tickling, smoothing and generally sorting out my gaming and commercial demos.

Noni Lewis | Voiceover

We love working with Rob, as you know you’re in safe hands no matter what job comes in. Whether it’s ISDN, Source Connect or a four-hour client attended session, Rob always is professional and reliable. It’s reassuring to know you can work with an audio engineer who not only gets the job done but you can trust enough to leave alone with both clients and voiceover artists for whatever it is they need!

Judith Summerton | The Voiceover Gallery

Rob is a shining light of audio wonderfulness. Seriously. He is, without hesitation, our go-to man for anything audio production or studio engineering related. Would highly recommend!

Stuart Morgan | Audio Always