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Bringing you the highest quality audio solutions and the most impactful creative ideas to your business, brand and communication channels.

Whether you’re a business looking for branding or graphic design support, an independent voiceover artist seeking technical advice, a production company in need of a sound engineer or you’re in need of inspiration for your printed and digital material, Rob and Helen can bring your project to life.

Highly recommended – Rob is approachable, generous, creative and flexible. An excellent experience making my voice reels – he tailored his service to suit my needs.

Melanie Crawley | Voiceover
Kate Whelan Voiceover

Big shout out to @b_2_es amazing branding work… Can’t recommend @b_2_es [Helen] enough. I was delighted with the result!

Kate Whelan | Voiceover

Another essential value-for-money investment was a visit from studio supremo Rob Bee 🐝  from Bee Productive, who made sure everything was sounding gorgeous. Thanks Rob!

Katie Flamman | Voiceover

My studio after Rob has been in and sorted it out for me. It sounds amazing! The acoustics are fantastic. He’s done such a great job and I’m really happy with it… it’s incredible!

Rebecca Courtney | Voiceover

No fuss, no faff. Just good clean work. Turns out the studio tickler can also use his tickling stick on demos! Thanks Mistar Gwenynen [Mr Bee] for tickling, smoothing and generally sorting out my gaming and commercial demos.

Noni Lewis | Voiceover

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