About B Double E

B Double E is audio engineer Rob Bee and brand and web designer Helen Bee. Together we bring the brightest and best audio and visual creative solutions for your voiceover business, brand and communication channels.

Collectively we have more than 40 years’ experience in our respective industries working for some of the UK’s most well-known voiceovers, TV and radio production companies, advertising and design agencies and independent businesses.

One voice award winner 2020

Best Voiceover Service Provider of the Year

Rob is a mentor and trainer for Gravy For The Brain who provide world-leading voiceover training and resources. He was also nominated for ‘Best Voiceover Service Provider’ at the 2019 and 2020 One Voice Conference Awards.

What do B Double E do?

Watch our advert below to find out.

A little bit about Helen Bee...

B Double E bee logo

Helen is the visual half of B Double E. She makes sure you always look your best, whether that be by creating heart-felt branding and logos, strategic websites or beautiful social media content. 

After graduating in 2000, Helen worked with some of the best advertising agencies and creative teams throughout Greater Manchester as a senior designer and studio manager. In 2014 she started her own freelance graphic design business, joining forces with husband Rob in 2017 when B Double E came to life.

Away from work Helen loves live music, cooking curries and she occasionally tries to garden.

A little bit about Rob Bee...

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Rob is a sound engineer and the audio half of B Double E with many years of professional experience behind him. He started out – as many engineers do – playing in a band as a teenager and having to scratch together PA systems for gigs and recording equipment to make demos.

After enrolling at Manchester’s School of Sound Recording in 1998, Rob took a job working at one of the country’s leading voiceover production studios where he become their senior production engineer, responsible for quality controlling the studio’s output and training junior engineers. In 2012 he set up Bee Productive, and joined forces with Helen in 2017.

Rob remains as passionate about sound as he was as a teenager, but now he has the experience, knowledge and wisdom to go with it.

Away from work, Rob loves making and drinking beer, live music and bird watching.

Why B Double E?

Well, the simplest things can flummox people. Like child-proof caps, long division and spelling 3 letter surnames. So we thought we’d have fun with ours.

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