Audio Production

Whether you need audio producing for podcasts, radio, television, websites, telecoms systems, audiobooks or similar Rob has the experience and facilities to produce audio at the highest quality.

I cater for all your audio production needs from our professional recording studio and production suite.

Audio production services

Do you have recorded audio that needs optimising or mastering? Maybe you have a job that needs music, sound effects, sound design, mixing and/or mastering. I offer a wide range of audio production services including:

Audio restoration

Podcasters! Was your guest using a tin can and a piece of string to record? Send it over and I’ll clean it up as much as possible, making your podcast easier on the ear and more likely to keep listeners.

Audiobook mastering

ACX can be a tricky beast. I can fully edit and produce your audiobook, but I’m also very happy to just handle the mastering for you to ensure it gets through ACX QC. The choice is yours.

Audio editing

We all know that editing is the boring bit. Well, I like being bored. Send me your ready-voiced jobs and I can chop and polish your audio to whatever level you need. You can get on with whatever it is you do when you’ve run out of editing. More audio editing information here.

Audio production samples

All the audio below has been produced by Rob in his studio.

The Studio

My studio is equipped with the latest Pro Tools and Adobe Audition (amongst other DAWs and editors). I am a Source Connect Certified studio and also use Cleanfeed, ipDTL and others to enable the studio to communicate with voiceover artists around the world.

I can also patch in clients/agencies via Zoom, Skype or Teams so we can all communicate with each other and ensure the session goes smoothly.

Certified Source Connect studio logo.

Over 20 years' experience

As well as the all-important technical knowledge, my creative ear will bring your project to life and make it sound better than you thought it could. Over my 20+ years working as an audio producer and engineer, I’ve worked for some of the UK’s most well-known voiceovers, TV and radio production companies, advertising agencies and independent businesses.

Contact me to discuss your needs and for a no obligation quote.

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Mastering, mixing, audio restoration, podcast production – however you need help I can help.

If you have a set budget in mind, I will be happy to talk through some options with you.