Voiceover Branding

Voice over brands that are as unique as your voice

Branding that helps you stand out brightly and confidently. Helping you promote your voiceover work while feeling natural and authentic.

Do you want to update your branding but feel overwhelmed by where to start?

You feel like there are so many choices and options, you don’t know where to begin? Maybe you’re unsure what direction to take your brand or haven’t fully found what your brand is?

Are you looking to stand out from other voiceovers?

Do you want a brand that reflects you and feels authentic? A brand that will appeal to your clients, but doesn’t feel sell-out or overly corporate? Do you want something that doesn’t look or feel like any other voice over brand?

Feel nervous about sharing your work with potential clients?

Do you worry clients don’t think highly of your current brand? Concerned you come over as amateur or unprofessional? Maybe there is a huge global client you’d love to work with but feel your current brand doesn’t quite cut it and are embarrassed to pitch to them?

Has your VO work changed direction?

You used to work e-learning or corporate, but you want to branch out more into gaming or mocap? Maybe you started your career when you were younger and you’re now looking for a more mature or sophisticated look?

Do you want to raise your prices and work with bigger clients?

Sick of chasing audition jobs on P2P sites and want more direct work? Fed up of being asked to work ‘for exposure’ and not getting higher paid jobs?

Want to work with someone who knows the voice over industry?

Someone who know what voiceovers do all day. Someone who understands the terminology and many different genres of VO work. As well as knowing a little bit about how you get work and who your brand should talk to?

Branding is so much more than a logo

You should feel confident about your brand. It should be something you’re proud of and can’t wait to show other people. Your brand should help you approach your dream clients with confidence. And enable you to market yourself in a way that feels natural and authentic.

Working together, we’ll dig deep into what matters to you. I will give you a way to show that to your clients with a Brand Kit packed full of assets to help you market yourself confidently. 

There are many reasons to invest in branding your voiceover business (a few are listed above). If you want to build a brand that represents you and your voice – one that is unique and unashamedly, completely, wholeheartedly you – I can help. 

Not sure? I’ve put together some questions to help you decide if you should rebrand.

About Helen

I help voiceovers to be seen.

Your voice is different to everyone else’s, and I believe your branding can be too. I work with people who want to feel comfortable and confident about promoting themselves, and want to give you the tools to do just that.

My job is to help you get more work. I feel passionately about helping voice over artists develop brands that feel authentic and that they simply can’t stop talking about!

I’ve worked with voice artists on their brands and websites since 2015, and have been working on small and global business brands and sites for over 20 (read more about me here). 

Creating a brand that is unique and authentic

No two voices are the same. No two voiceovers are the same. Your brand should reflect everything that makes you and your voice unique. The things that set you apart from all the other voice artists in the world. You have a unique combination of experiences and skills that make you different to every other voice artist out there.

I will help you discover what they are. We will define your voice over brand values, your audience and how you can use design to speak to your clients. At every stage, your brand’s heart and soul will be at the centre of what we create.

At the end of the project, I’ll give you tools and guidance on how to use your new brand. You will get the confidence to stand out brightly from the crowd.

Perfect for you if...

Give it a miss if...

How does it work?

Each brand project is a little different because it’s unique to you and only you. We’ll chat about exactly what you need before we begin, and I’ll put together a project plan just for you, but this gives a general idea of how things could work…

1. A little bit of homework

When you’ve signed your contact and made your first payment, I’ll send over my brand exploration form. It helps me to really get to know you, what voice work you adore, what makes you unique and who your dream clients are.

2. Values and skills

We’ll dive deep into what makes you unique. What work you love to do, your skills, passions and your values. And what you don’t like too! I’ll create a unique brand personality and keywords that best describes you and your work.

3. Getting visual

This is when we start working with visuals. Using mood boards, I’ll create a look and feel for colour, photography, type and pattern that represents your brand personality and values.

4. Your logo

Your logo will be designed based on everything we’ve discovered so far. You’ll get a few logo designs to choose from and - depending on which package you pick - we’ll refine the design to create a logo that is unique to you.

4. Your brand kit

You will receive a brand kit that will include your brand personality, keywords, mood board, style guides and brand assets (logos, colours, fonts etc). The brand guidelines will show you how to use your new brand with confidence. If your package other assets (like letterhead, business cards, social banners etc) you'll receive them too.

All sounds good?

What are you waiting for...

Let's get started!

What is it like working with me?

It’s a great question to ask! If you’re thinking of investing in your brand, you want to make sure that you’re working with the right person. Asking how I work and what you’ll get at the end of a project makes perfect sense. In their own words, Stephanie and Sophie wrote about what it was like working with me on their brands. You can read their words here…

Read Stephanie’s branding story here >>>
Read Sophie’s branding and website story here >>>

I’ll guide you through the every step of the process

Branding is a little like a discovery process – you’re never quite sure how things will look when we begin. But by the end, you’ll have a brand, logo and colours that feel completely and comfortably you. And a handy set of guidelines to help you use your brand every day.

Branding packages

Branding and logo design

Mini, Signature or Complete
  • Mini Brand Package | £1,750
  • Signature Brand Package | £2,750
  • Complete Brand Package | £3,250


1-2-1 consultation with Helen
£ 200
  • We'll chat about branding, websites or both!
  • 1 hour 1-2-1 zoom consultation
  • Recording of our chat

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get at the end of a branding project?

I’ll discuss the specifics of your project when we chat and let you know exactly what you’ll get at the end of your brand project.

As a guide, if you pick the Complete Brand Package you’ll get:

  • Full brand discovery and exploration
  • Custom logo 
  • Brand Kit (aprox 60 pages) that includes:
  • Custom colour palette
  • Brand personality
  • Brand vision
  • Brand values
  • Brand vibe & keywords
  • Brand mood board
  • Photography style guide
  • Brand typography style guide
  • Bespoke brand pattern
  • Website style guide
  • Main logo, sub-logo and icon logo variations in multiple colours and file formats for maximum flexibility
  • Business card and letterhead/invoice
  • Social Media Banners (for 3 social platforms)
  • Social Media Templates (Canva, x1 design set)
  • Join Helen’s client only community
How long does it take?

Depending on the package you choose, it can be anywhere between 3 to 6 months. We can chat about timescales on our call and any work or personal deadlines you may have. I understand that VO work can be unpredictable, so I’ll work around any unexpected jobs you might book whilst working together.

Do I need to do anything before we start?

I’ll send you my brand exploration questionnaire which you’ll need to complete before we start. There will be time to complete this between booking your package and starting your project with me.

How quickly can I work with you?

I’m usually booked up 3 to 6 months in advance, but get in touch and I’ll let you know my next availability. There are a few things you need to prepare before we start too. 

What happens if I land a big VO job when we’re working together?

I work with voice actors so I know how unpredictable work can be for you. I’ll always work flexibly with you – if an unexpected booking comes your way let me know and we’ll work around it.

Will I be working with just you?

Yes, I’ll work with you at every stage of your branding, 1-2-1 via email, zoom calls, audio messages and phone calls (usually a combination of email and zoom).

What happens when we’re finished?

I want you to have confidence about using your new brand. Your brand guidelines will give you lots of support. You’ll also get free lifetime access to join my client only community so you can ask any questions about using your brand whenever you need.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Most of my clients choose to pay over 3 to 6 months. I’ll discuss options with you to make sure it’s a payment plan that works for both of us.

A good brand is more than just a logo. It needs solid foundations to last and to showcase your wonderful uniqueness. The minimum amount of work is my mini brand package.

I’m not sure I have the budget to invest

I promise to honestly advise if I think working together is the right fit for you or not. I offer free no-obligation chats so we can talk about any concerns you may have.

If can feel like a big investment but when branding is done well, it can help you find your dream clients and charge higher prices. Is should represent  you and your business for many, many years.

There are some grants available for UK business here.

I also offer free branding advice on our blog.

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