Studio Consultation

If you’re just setting up your home studio, upgrading your equipment, have a problem or just want to get the best out of what you already have; Rob is on hand to help.

Years of experience

I’ve worked at the very top end of voiceover production, and worked with the very best voice overs in the country. That has provided a fantastic insight into what you need from your studio set up. With over 20 years of professional experience, I’m also the studio tech mentor for Gravy For The Brain.

A wide range of options

From choosing equipment to acoustic advice, I can help get the very best out of your studio. I can find the equipment you need, fit it and teach you how to use it to keep your studio up and running and sounding sweet. So whether you’re just looking to replace a small piece of equipment or need a more comprehensive overhaul I can help.

Home studio visits

Much can be done via email or zoom. Or even over the phone. But sometimes an in-person visit is needed. I can do this either as a part of a Studio Tickling Tour or just come and visit your studio. I’ve been found under desks and in tight corners with cabling in my hands over the length and breadth of the UK sorting and solving a range of issues. Have car, will travel!

Planning a Professional Studio at Home

If you’re planning on moving your voiceover studio, or creating a recording space for the first time, here is some advice…

1-2-1 Studio Consultation

Custom service made to fit your needs. If you have a set budget in mind, I will be happy to talk through some options with you. To book your studio consultation with Rob just tap the button below.