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Helen and Rob organise and attend a variety of events throughout the year. This is where you can find us and you’re welcome to join us!

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Rob Bee from B Double E holding an A3 landscape poster that says "equalisation for voiceovers webinar". The background shows bright EQ monitor lights on a black background.


Equalisation for Voiceovers

Equalisation is a powerful tool. It has many uses in the studio and knowing how and when to use it can elevate our production skills like little else. So let’s have a look at equalisation and de-mystify it.

The pint and rabbit illustration of a pub style sign on a sky blue background with a Christmas snowflake border.


Pint and Rabbit

It’s time for our online Christmas party!

Bring your festive drink of choice and join us for a chat and generally festive time.

(Please note Rob will not be wearing a festive jumper)

VO social North


VO Social North

Our favourite and closest to us in-person social. Hosted by Nic & Leah from the VO Social, come along and meet a whole bunch of lovely people. This month they have something extra special planned including (but not limited to):

  • A complimentary festive cocktail on arrival!
  • An announcement of GREAT MAGNITUDE!


Don’t forget to wear/bring something festive. It’s one not to miss!

The pint and rabbit illustration of a pub style sign on a sky blue background.


Pint and Rabbit

Bring a beverage of your choice and join us for an end-of-week catch-up in our virtual pub.

Photo of Helen & Rob Bee on a bright yellow and pink background with text saying 'ask us anything!'.

Q&A Workshop

Ask Us Anything!

A FREE session to quiz, question, grill and enquire. Or just sit and listen to questions thrown at us by other people.

For any voiceover, any level of ability, any stage of your career.

Ask about home studios, audio production, branding, websites, studio management and anything else voiceover related.

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Events coming soon but no dates just yet!

rx10 webinar 800px


Izotope RX10 Training

Izotope Rx10 training for voiceovers and podcasters.

The basics, more advanced bits, the why’s and the how’s.

Rob’s webinar will show you how to remove mouth clicks, clean up your audio and be confident you’re producing the very best quality audio for your clients.

Rob Bee from B Double E holding a laptop that says 'compression for voice overs webinar'.


Compression for Voiceovers

Take your production to the next level!

Audio compression is universally used to control the mix levels and make things sound tighter, polished and louder. We will look at:

  • what compression does
  • how to apply it to voice recordings
  • why you should always use compression
  • compressors found in common DAWs and editors.
invisible to invincible both point 1 800


Invisible to Invincible

Marketing magic for voiceovers!

A 6-week programme online to uncover what makes you unique and shows you how to tell the world about it too.

Photos from some of the events we've been to...