Studio Tickling Tours

Rob offers voiceover artists a unique service – Studio Tickling Tours.

The studio consultation part of what I do is very well known, and a staple of my offering. As much as it’s possible to do a lot of things remotely, there are some things that are just nicer to do in person and some things that can only be done in person.

In-person home studio visits

I offer in-person visits where I can help, advise and offer practical support to voiceovers in their own studios. This is fairly geographically restricted as the travel becomes expensive. But if a number of voiceovers can share those travel costs, it suddenly becomes more plausible.

Available across the UK

Studio Tickling Tours are based around a geographical location. I make appointments to go and see voiceover artists in their home-based studios, where I provide a number of services – from giving a studio a once over and a tweak (hence the term ‘studio tickling’) to more comprehensive overhauls, troubleshooting issues and training in software or production techniques.

Although the Studio Tickling Tours are sort of based in a city, I can travel quite far if it’s viable to do so. And I always make stops whilst en route to the main tour location, so you can always ask and see if I can pop over to see you while getting from A to B (I’ve previously considered Cardiff, Portsmouth, Chelmsford and Leicester as being between Manchester and London).

When is the next Tickling Tour?

Studio Tickling Tours usually happen 3 or 4 times a year in different regions of the UK. Keep an eye on our socials or sign up to our newsletter for news of the next tour.

If you need studio help please get in touch as I can help with most issues remotely. If you want adding to my waiting list for when Studio Tickling Tours can recommence, you can do that here.

Studio tickling tours – at Gina Marchesi’s studio.
Gina Marchesi’s studio
Studio tickling tours – at Michelle Livings' studio.
Michelle Livings' studio
Studio tickling tours – at Julie-Ann Dean’s studio
Julie-Ann Dean’s studio

Diary of a Studio Tickling Tour

For those of you who wonder what a Studio Tickling Tour entails, you’re in luck. Read on Macduff!

Studio tickling tours – acoustic treatment in Emma Clarkes’ studio
Acoustic treatment in Emma Clarkes’ studio
Pete Nottage’s studio
Pete Nottage’s studio

Request a slot on the next Studio Tickling Tour

From £60 per hour + travel / call-out

If you have a set budget in mind, Rob will be happy to talk through some options with you.