Invisible to Invincible

Marketing magic for voiceovers

Join us for 8 weeks to uncover what makes you special and learn to share that confidently with the world.

With Karen Webber and Helen Bee

Starts 13 June 2024


You’re a brilliantly talented voiceover. But in an increasingly competitive industry, you struggle to stand out and make your mark. Bringing your clients’ stories to life is second nature, but recognising the magic within yourself? Now that’s a different story.


We are a pair of marketing experts on a mission to help you uncover what makes you truly special, and show that to the world with pride, passion and authenticity.

Forget bland, boring, and cringey marketing, and get ready to embrace marketing that’s fun, effective, and totally true to you.

A marketing programme for voiceovers

Invisible to Invincible is an 8-week programme designed to help you uncover what makes you special as a voiceover, and discover easy, authentic ways to show that to the world.

Discover your magic

Your voice skills are just the beginning. Let us guide you in a discovery of what sets you apart as top choice for your dream clients. What may seem mundane and ordinary to you are likely to be the very essence of your magical appeal, which sets you apart from the rest. We’ll help you find it.

Your story, your way

Break free from generic descriptions of what you do and craft an approach that showcases your true brilliance! And what’s more, you’ll learn to share what makes you exceptional confidently and in a way that feels aligned and good to you!

Boost your marketing confidence

Our goal is to help you reach a point where you are confident about sharing the magic that sets you apart! It all starts with understanding your unique combination of talents and knowing how best to put that out into the world.

Supportive community

You’re not alone in this journey! In addition to our support, you will have the chance to connect with other voiceovers in breakout rooms and a popup Facebook group to share experiences and learn together. Immerse yourself in a fun, positive, passionate community, where experiences are shared and learning is a collective adventure.

A gentle, supportive pace

During this 8-week programme we alternate between workshop-style sessions and live co-working sessions every other week. The 4 co-working sessions have been carefully designed to allow you time to reflect, to implement your learnings and to make meaningful progress. You’re never on your own, as our Facebook group is also open for guidance and support whenever you need it.

What exactly will you learn?

  • What is marketing actually, and why self-promotion is crucial when you’re a voiceover.
  • How to stand out in a noisy marketplace by being yourself!
  • Who to direct your marketing to (and how to reach them).
  • How to promote yourself online.
  • Marketing tactics that feel easy and joyful to implement (yes, really!)

Get ready to share your magic with the world

Are you ready to take up more space in the voiceover world? Join us this summer and we’ll help you go from invisible to invincible before the end of the year!

Who we are

Karen Webber from Goodness Marketing writing in a notebook looking at the camera.

Karen Webber

Hi, I’m Karen and I’m a marketing coach and strategist. As the owner of Goodness Marketing, I help small businesses with big hearts do marketing that feels good, does good and gets good results.

Feels good: Joyful marketing that feels easy and fun, rather than draining and soul destroying.
Does good: Has a positive effect on the people and world around you.
Gets good results: Because what’s the point of doing marketing if it doesn’t help your business?

Helen Bee from B Double E sat behind an open laptop holding a mug looking to the right.

Helen Bee

Hi, I’m Helen, a brand and web designer and strategist. I believe every voice over can have a website and brand they are truly proud of.

By creating eye-catching brands and websites that function well I help you showcase the very best of your voicing talent. That allows you to do what you do best – VOICE.

No two voices are the same, and no two voice websites or brands should be either.

The details:

🗓️ Session dates:


13, 20, 27 June,
4, 11, 18, 25 July,
1 Aug

⏰ Session times:

4-5pm BST
5-6pm CEST
11am-12pm EDT
8-9am PDT

📹 Cant' make it live?

Sessions take place on Zoom and are recorded and shared.

Pop-up private Facebook group for additional support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask questions?

Yes! We will include lots of opportunities for you to ask questions in the zoom sessions. You’ll also get access to a free pop-up Facebook group for the whole programme where you can get support from Karen, Helen and the rest of the group.

Will I get a recording of the sessions?

Yes. We will send a recording after each session so you can watch it if you can’t make them live.

Where is the programme held?

The webinar will be held via Zoom. You’ll be able to join the session, even if you don’t have a zoom account.

There will also be a private popup Facebook Group for the duration of the programme.

Do I need to be based in the UK?

No. The session will be appropriate for voice artists based around the world. The sessions will be in English.

Do you offer refunds?

No. As each live sessions will be recorded and sent to you, you’ll have access to it even if you can’t make it live.

Please see the service terms for more details.