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Routing your audio

Making sure your audio gets everywhere it needs to

Learn about routing your audio signal, including how to playback your audio down the line to a client.

Although the voiceover studio is quite simple these days if no-one’s told you how to get audio from A to B how are you supposed to know how to do it? In this webinar Rob will take a look at a few different common voiceover studio setups and explain the best way to plug everything in to allow everyone to hear what they need to. We will, of course, be considering the various methods of playing audio down the line on a remote session to a client.

Get confident with signal routing

Does the idea of playing audio to a client on Zoom leave you baffled?

Rob will show you how to do this (and other things) in this friendly, fun and jargon-free webinar.

Are you worried about live directed sessions?

Are you a voiceover and worries about the tech and how to use it? Rob will show you around the most common scenarios you’ll encounter to boost your confidence.

Are you looking to reconfigure your studio to a 2 room setup?

Making sure everyone can hear and speak to everyone else in a session is key to making this work. As you make your studio more complex the solutions to this also need to be more complex. In this webinar, Rob will outline the principles of studio routing and offer advice on how best to plan your studio change.

About the Routing webinar

Routing isn’t sexy. But it’s necessary. If you have all but the simplest set up you’ll need to address this at some point – and then you still might if you have the simplest setup. In this webinar we’ll take a look at getting your signal from A to B,C, D and E all at the same time and so everyone can hear you and speak to you.

And it will be interesting.
But still not sexy.

Topics covered:

Rob Bee from B Double E

About Rob Bee

Rob is known for his calm and jargon-free audio production teaching. He has run lots and lots of webinars and workshops covering all different aspects of voiceover tech and audio editing. He has also been Gravy For The Brain’s tech mentor for over 5 years.

Rob has worked as an audio producer for over 20 years working on a mix of multi-national, multi-language, global and local businesses. From local radio ads to network TV. Setting up voiceover home studios to agency production studios. And pretty much everything in between.

You know you’re in safe hands when you’re learning from Rob Bee.

Who is the routing webinar for?

Recorded webinar

Can’t make the webinar live? We’ve got you! All ticket holders will get a copy of the recording, so you can catch up on the replay and revisit it in your own time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the webinar?

The routing webinar is 90 minutes long.

Will I get a recording of the webinar?

Yes. We will send a recording of the webinar so you can watch it if you can’t make the session live and use it as a refresher later too.

Where is the webinar?

The webinar will be held via Zoom. You’ll be able to join the session, even if you don’t have a zoom account.

Do I need to be based in the UK?

No. This webinar is suitable for voice overs and podcasters around the world.

Do you offer refunds?

No. As the webinar will be recorded and sent to you after the live session, you’ll have access to it even if you can’t make it live.