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The Pint and Rabbit

Dates for the Pint and Rabbit

Join Rob & Helen on Zoom from the comfort of your own house. 

We would love to see you there!

What is the Pint and Rabbit?

The Pint and Rabbit is a very informal chat with other people working in the voice over industry. Bring your beverage of choice and have a chat in our virtual pub.

We’re based in the UK but regulary have visitors from around the globe. This is our virtual pub! We started it when lockdown began in April 2020 because we missed in-person socials. It’s now become our favourite monthly event.

Pop in for a swift half or prop up the ‘bar’ all evening or just come along for a chat and get to know us and other fellow voices from around the globe.

5pm – 8pm (UK time) on the 3rd Friday of the month.

pint and rabbit nov 2020
The Pint & Rabbit Social

Why join the social?

We believe that working should be fun – as well as allowing us pay our bills! And we think work is more fun when it’s done as a community.

The Pint and Rabbit is our way of helping people get to know each other better. It’s a free event and it always will be. 

If you want to get to know us and other people from around the globe who work in the voiceover industry you can – join the next Paint and Rabbit social!

What do you chat about?

The Pint and Rabbit is very informal. It isn’t structured. There isn’t a topic of conversation. It’s often got nothing specifically to do with voicing.

This is a very informal chat with other people working in the voice over industry. We’ve chatted about studio kit as much as we’ve discussed food. Sometimes its serious, most of the time it isn’t.

Our main aim is to have fun and get to know eachother!

Rob Bee and Helen Bee from B Double E stood smiling, leaning against a brightly coloured graffiti wall.

About Rob and Helen

Together we help voice over artist to look and sound their very best. We work with voice actors across the globe as well as TV and radio production companies, voice agencies and independent businesses. 

And we also like going to social events – which is why we set up the Pint and Rabbit!

Rob Bee is an audio producer, engineer and studio whizz.

Helen Bee is a branding and website strategist and designer.

Who is the Pint and Rabbit social for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the social?

The Pint and Rabbit is usually 3 hours, but sometimes we go on until the early hours so it’s always worth checking if we’re still going!

Do I have to come to the full thing?

No! In fact most people pop in and out during the social. You are more than welcome to pop in for 5 minutes or stay for the full thing.

Where is the social?

The Pint and Rabbit is held via Zoom. You’ll be able to join even if you don’t have a zoom account.

Do I need to be based in the UK?

No. The Pint and Rabbit is for anyone working in the voice over industry. We regularly get visitors from the around the globe. If you can speak a bit of English, you’re welcome to join us!

I'm not yet working as a voice over - does that matter?

Nope. This social is for anyone working – or looking to work – in the voice industry. We get people with all different levels of experience. And some people – like us – are not voice overs at all – we welcome producers, coaches and casting directors too.