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• Brand Identity • Logo Refresh • Website • Social Media Templates and Banners •


  • To create a brand identity that reflected Charlotte’s personality and coaching style.
  • Identify Career Practic’s brand personality and values.
  • Update the Career Practic logo, bringing in the new colour palette.
  • To create a beautiful and functional website.
  • Produce a series of social templates and banners to ensure consistent branding.
Career Practic responsive website home page

Career Practic – in Charlotte's words

How did you feel before we started working together?

“I wanted a more professional-looking website so I could better promote myself via social media. I had reached the limit of my technical expertise. I didn’t know how best to go about updating my existing website. And I knew that even if I did try doing a DIY job again, it would probably take me far too long.

Although I had considered various options, I didn’t feel confident about how to progress.”

Career Practic brand identity by B Double E
Career Practic brand identity
Career Practic brand identity and colour pallet
Career Practic brand personality
Career Practic brand custom patterns
Career Practic responsive website

Career Practic – in Charlotte's words

How do you feel now the project is completed?

“I’m delighted! And I have more self-confidence. The compliments from colleagues when they saw the new website are great! They’ve said my new website and branding was nice to look at, easy to read and navigate, and that it captured my personality very well, and that it felt both warm and professional.”

Career Practic brand values
Career Practic brand identity and brand values
Career Practic branding photography style guide
Career Practic bespoke branded social media banner templates.

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