Mélusine Lenior

Brand Strategy & Design • Website Review • Business Stationery

Client: Mélusine Lenoir Voice-Over Artist

Project elements:

Project Goals

As Mélusine said, before we started working together they had no brand. They felt disconnected from their clients and unconfident and uncomfortable about promoting themselves. I helped to uncover a brand that felt authentic and is a reflection of their personality, “The silky French voice with a little je ne sais quoi.”

Now, with confidence in their brand, Mélusine is booking work.


  • Branding strategy and design
  • Website content and performance review
  • Bespoke logo design
  • Bespoke brand pattern
  • Brand guidelines showing how to use branding confidently, effectively and consistently
  • Brand, website, photography and pattern mood boards and style guides
  • Letterhead
  • Business card
Melusine Lenoir voiceover branding logo board
Melusine Lenoir voiceover branding logo

In Mélusine's words

How did you feel before we started working together?

“Simply put, I had no brand. All I had was my work ethics. I felt I had to conform to an idea of what I imagined corporate clients want or expect, and the disconnect was getting increasingly uncomfortable. I was hiding behind a neutral veneer as I believed my authentic self wouldn’t get me any clients.”

How did you feel after the project was finished?

“I feel liberated. I feel much more confident, I’m now convinced that I can show up authentically and find my people. My brand feels true to me and I have a new sense of direction.”

Melusine Lenoir's Actor & Voiceover Artist business card on a pale wooden plate with a palm leaf behind.
Melusine Lenoir voiceover branding logo
Melusine Lenoir voiceover brand personality
Melusine Lenoir voiceover brand photography guide

In Mélusine's words

“The brand exploration stage made me realise I no longer want to try and conform to my preconceptions of what clients want. I feel much more confident and I’ve actually started booking paid jobs.

I really liked the openness of our relationship. I was able to say exactly what I thought, tell you what I liked and disliked without being (too) concerned about hurting your feelings.

I had a lot of mind drama and maybe it’s totally normal to you and I’m not fussier than your average client, but I really appreciated how patient and supportive you were.”

melusine lenoir voice business stationery sep23
Melusine Lenoir voiceover branding logo website guidelines
Melusine Lenoir voiceover branding logo guidelines
Melusine Lenoir voiceover branding mood board
melusine lenoir voice business card 2 web sep23