3 Must-Have Instagram Apps for Voiceovers

3 Must-Have Instagram Apps for Voiceovers

I’m an Instagram fan. A feed full of photography really appeals to my visual brain and scrolling though other people’s images inspires me to get out my camera more.

But, like all things, there are some things I wish I’d figured out how to do sooner than I did. Below are my top 3 Instagram apps that I use regularly…

1. Linktree

Instagram only allows you to have a single live link in your profile, and doesn’t allow you to add live links into your posts. Not always very helpful, but it does stop the constant barrage of ‘click here’ posts. Something I’ve used to get around this is Linktree. It allows you to have multiple links from the single link from on Instagram profile.

Example of LinkTree on Instagram.

The app has a free-to-use version, but unless you subscribe to the paid version of the app you don’t get any analytics. Analytics are useful to have (you want to know what your audience is engaging with), so an alternative is to add an Instagram links page on your website. This also guide people to your website, so it’s well worth considering.

Sign-up to Linktree, and let your followers have easier access to links.

2. Boomerang

Boomerang makes mini videos that loop back and forth. You can use selfie mode, or not. Super easy to use and share on Instagram or Facebook (you can save and download them too). It’s great fun and can create some funny little films for your feed.

Available for Android and Apple mobiles.

3. Repost for Instagram

Instagram repost example

When I started using Instagram, I got really frustrated that I was unable to share things from other people’s feed easily. I’d usually screen-shot and share. There are a few apps that do this – I use Repost: For Instagram which allows you to re-post the image, choose where the attribution goes (or none if you prefer) and copy the text in the original post too.

It’s a great way to share blog posts or events but still giving credit to the owner – and letting them know you really like what they’re sharing too!

If you have any questions email me (Helen) or message me on Instagram.

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