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Client: JD Gibson

Project elements:

Project Goals

JD Gibson is an American voice over living in the UK. After (in his words) an ‘uninspired attempt at self-branding’ and feeling overwhelmed trying to build his own website, he contacted Helen to work on a complete brand and website package.

JD wanted a brand to reflect his warm, approachable style whilst recognising his technical background. Honest, trustworthy, cheerful and high quality, Gibson VO is friendly, responsive and down-to-earth.


  • Branding strategy and design
  • Website content strategy
  • Website design and build
  • Bespoke logo design
  • Bespoke brand pattern
  • Brand guidelines showing how to use branding confidently, effectively and consistently
  • Brand, website, photography and pattern mood boards and style guides
  • Letterhead
  • Business card
  • Social media banners
  • Social media templates
JD voice over website design by Helen Bee from B Double E.
JD voice over brand design by Helen Bee from B Double E.
Play Video about Screenshot of JD's website video tour.
JD's brand board showing logos, typography, colour pallet and patterns.

In JD's words

How did you feel before we started working together?

“I started at ground zero after a very short and uninspired attempt at self-branding and wizard-driven websites. I realised that I wanted to launch my business with the best foundation I could afford and give myself the best opportunity to succeed. I was overwhelmed trying to imagine all the possibilities on my own, nor did I have the expertise to select colours, typefaces, images, or layouts myself. I was actually worried that I would come into the process with so few ideas of what I wanted that it would take forever!”

How did you feel after the project was finished?

“Now that I have a full brand and the assets to share it, I feel proud to show it off. It fits my personality and my business – straight forward, business like, not pretentious, and easy to do business with. My website is logical without being heartless. And best of all the training from Helen after everything was built means I feel pretty comfortable maintaining my website too!”

JD voice over business card design by Helen Bee from B Double E.
JD voice over website pages by Helen Bee from B Double E.
JD voice over brand values by Helen Bee from B Double E.
JD voice over logo design by Helen Bee from B Double E.

In JD's words

“I loved how the entire project was broken down into steps and how Helen kept us both on track. It was structured, but not at all rushed. If something took a few weeks to complete, like when I needed several weeks to write website copy, she was there to support if needed but also just gave me the time to work through it.

When she completed a group of items and I had feedback, a revision was almost always in my inbox within a week. The way Helen split  the cost up over time really helped with budgeting. I never felt like I was paying and praying something would get done.

I wouldn’t chang a thing. I feel the time it took reflects what was needed to really consider each step and create something so complete and special.”

JD voice over website built by Helen Bee from B Double E.
JD voice over bespoke logo design by Helen Bee from B Double E.
JD voice over social templates by Helen Bee from B Double E.

In JD's words

What would you say to someone considering working with me?

“Absolutely do it! If you have to save up for it, it will be worth the wait and the investment. Helen knows branding, colours, typefaces, design, websites, stationary, merchandise, and all with an eye on the voice over industry. There is nothing generic about her or her work! I feel like I ended up with a super product, an honest and ethical business colleague, and a genuine friend.”

JD voice over social banner design by Helen Bee from B Double E.