Alexia Kombou

Brand Strategy & Design • Website Strategy & Design • Social Templates • Business Card • Canva Brand Kit

Client: Alexia Kombou Voiceover Artist

Project elements:

Project Goals

Multi-award-winning voiceover Alexia works with agencies, producers and creative teams who are looking for a voiceover with an urban, youthful, RP or sophisticated sound.

Alexia wanted her new brand and website to feel ambitious, driven, competent and courageous but without feeling arrogant, elitist or superficial.

Her new branding feels calm and sophisticated. The website is clean, with easy-to-find demos and examples of past projects that celebrate her clients and awards.


  • Branding strategy and design
  • Website content strategy
  • Website design and build
  • Bespoke logo design
  • Bespoke brand pattern
  • Brand guidelines showing how to use branding confidently, effectively and consistently
  • Brand, website, photography and pattern mood boards and style guides
  • Business card
  • Canva Brand Kit setup
  • Social media banners
  • Social media templates
Alexia's home page for her voiceover services.
Alexia Kombou Voiceover Artist logo shown in off-white on a black background and deep red on an off-white background.
Business card design for Alexia Kombou shown from above on a small marble table with wooden floor.

In Alexia's words

How did you feel before we started working together?

“I was really unhappy with my branding and website and needed a total refresh. After speaking with Helen, I felt very comfortable from the get go! I just knew that my branding and website were in good hands.

I was only worried that I would come across as too picky as I had a specific vision in mind, but Helen brought that to life and was very patient with me!”

How did you feel after the project was finished?

“Delighted! I’ve had positive feedback from existing clients about my website and logo. I’ve also had positive responses from email marketing to new leads on my website design. People can see exactly where I fit into the industry now.”

Play Video about Screenshot of alexia website.
Image showing elements of Alexia's voiceover brand including logos, colour, typography and brand pattern.
Website for Alexia Kombou shown on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet.

Website before and after



Jill's site before Jill's site after
Multiple pages from Alexia's website shown on mobile phones.

In Alexia's words

What did you like best about working with me?

“Helen always gave me some creative freedom to make changes or suggestions to anything that didn’t feel 100% right. Having the ability to give my input made me feel very comfortable in knowing I’d be super pleased with the final outcome.

She also offers tech support subscription options after the project is completed, which is a huge relief to know there’s someone there on hand if you need it!”

Home page shown on mobile and browser screen for voice over Alexia.
Pages from Alexia's brand guidelines showing primary, secondary, small and icon logos.
Pages from Voiceover Alexia's brand guidelines showing various logo options, brand vibe and personality wording.
Demo page from Alexia's website shown on a laptop on a neutral coloured bed.
Pages from Voiceover Alexia's brand guidelines showing her colour pallet and secondary logos.