Mark Ryes

Brand Strategy & Design • Website Review

Client: Mark Ryes British Voiceover

Project elements:

Project Goals

Mark Ryes is an established award-winning voice over and presenter. He’s equally comfortable behind the mic in his studio as he is in front of a camera presenting live TV.

His clients are a mix of production, IVR and media companies, as well as a wide mix of direct business clients who need a voiceover to add value to their brand.

Mark is down-to-earth, trustworthy, warm, friendly and approachable. As Mark said; “I wanted the brand to be me, I wanted it to be British and I wanted it to yell voiceover.”

I developed a bright, fun and very British brand that now reflects Mark’s personality and working style. 


  • Branding strategy and design
  • Bespoke logo design
  • Bespoke brand pattern
  • Brand guidelines showing how to use branding confidently, effectively and consistently
  • Brand, website, photography and pattern mood boards and style guides
  • Letterhead
  • Business card
  • Website content and performance review
  • Website consultation and content advice
Mark Ryes British voiceover brand board and logos.
Mark Ryes British voiceover logo is shown on an ipad on a table.

In Mark's words

How did you feel before we started working together?

“I came to you saying, I’m throwing this brand away, but it’s still me. I was creating a new brand on top of what I already am and my 40 years in the business. I had already bought and then looked to rebrand.

I wanted the brand to be me, I wanted it to be British and I wanted it to yell voiceover.”

How did you feel after the project was finished?

“My long-term clients were all really excited about my rebrand. They said ‘this is how we saw you anyway, and now your brand matches you’ which is exactly what I was going for.

It was enjoyable and I was surprised. I could send you an email and pretty much every time you’d reply within 2 hours.”

Mark Ryes British voiceover logos and icons shown stuck to a white brick wall.
Mark Ryes British voiceover's website style guide from his brand guidelines.
Mark Ryes British voiceover brand keywords on an ipad.
Pages from Mark Ryes British voiceover brand guidelines.

In Mark's words

What would you say to someone looking to work with me?

“It’s not an easy process, but it’s a very worthwhile process. It’s not a cheap process, but it’s a great value for money process. What you get at the end you can use going forward to extend your business really easily.”

Mark Ryes British voiceover colour palette.
Mark's website before after Helen Bee worked on his brand and website review.

In Mark's words

Talking about the his website review

“We had a 2-hour session with me, you and my web developer to really plan out my new site – going from 1 page to multiple pages – which was really great.

You gave me the idea to use case studies on my website alongside audio samples and I thought that was very clever. I’d never looked at it like that before.

My web guy said that he had not had a brand pack that was so comprehensive for a very long time. It gave him everything that he needed and took the guesswork out of it.”

Mark Ryes British voiceover brand mood board on an ipad.
Icons designed for British Voiceover artist by Helen Bee from B Double E.