Natalie Chisholm

Website Complete Plan • VIP Day • Copywriting

Client: Natalie Chisholm Voiceover, Presenter, Podcast Producer

Project elements:

Project Goals

Having worked with Natalie on her branding I was thrilled to be asked to help with her website too! 

Natalie’s WIX website had her old branding; the structure had become confusing after years of adding pages and needed SEO improvement. She wanted to keep the site built with WIX, but wanted a complete site restructure, new content and to apply her new branding. 

The Complete Plan helped Natalie with site structure and content, copywriting helped refine new wording across her site and a VIP day allowed me to implement her brand colours, type and refine page layouts.

Natalie’s website now matches her branding and she feels more confident to share her site with potential clients.


  • Website content strategy
  • Website restructure
  • Copywriting and proofing
  • VIP day to implement new page structures and apply branding.
Voiceover Natalie's website homepage.
natalie website tablet mobile
Natalie's website homepage shown before and after working with Helen Bee.

In Natalie's words

“When you find someone, in work or life, that you just click with, it’s rare. Who gets where you’re coming from and can give you guidance (or a kick up the backside) without you being offended. Who has the patience (of a saint) and can get the best out of you.

Apart from my husband and a few friends, that work person is Helen Bee.”

natalie website laptop
Natalie's website demo page shown before and after working with Helen Bee.
Natalie website sitemap shown on an ipad.
Natalie's website about page shown before and after working with Helen Bee.
natalie website voice profile