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Rob from B Double E holding an ipad with audio samples before and after compression.
Rob Bee

What is compression and do voiceovers need it?

Compression is a topic that confuses many and strikes fear into the hearts of many. Yet people like me insist on banging on about how important it is, and insisting that voice overs should at least try to get their heads around the topic. So in this first blog of 2, I’m going to explain what compression is and why it’s so important.

Helen Bee from B Double E pointing a bright colourful letter that say 'find your fabulous'
Helen Bee

How to find your fabulous – a USP guide

Our USP or secret sauce is more than just the services we offer and the work we do. So how do we find our USP? Here’s where to begin to find your fabulous.

Helen Bee from B Double E holding an ipad showing various fonts for voiceover brand design.
Helen Bee

How to choose great fonts for your brand part 1

There are hundreds of thousands of fonts out there. The choice is huge and overwhelming. The first of 2 blogs about type where I guide you through some dos and don’ts, resources and practical considerations when choosing fonts for your brand or logo.

Month in the life November 2021
Rob Bee

A month in the life of November 2021

November turned into a busy month – Rob lets you know what we’ve been doing including Studio Tickling, VOX, judging the APA Awards and more.

Copyright – a voice artists guide
Rob Bee

Copyright – nothing is ever free – a voice artists guide

Working in a creative industry we often need to engage with creatives from other fields and use their work. This makes the dread word copyright raise it’s head. So what are we allowed to do? And more importantly what aren’t we allowed to do?

OneVoice 2021 – the hybrid conference
Helen Bee

OneVoice 2021 – the hybrid conference

Earlier in the year were very excited to be asked to be a sponsor of the One Voice Conference in London again, and then later on we were both asked to do talks and lead workshops at the event.

How to prepare for a showreel recording
Rob Bee

How to prepare for showreel recording

Your showreels are probably the most important marketing tool you have, so it’s really important to get them right. I thought it may be helpful