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Normalisation for voiceovers
Rob Bee

Normalisation for voiceovers

I want to take a look at an audio production process that is commonly used, but often misunderstood. It’s something that I get asked about fairly regularly and there is definitely a best-practice that can be applied to this process which is often sadly lacking. That process is normalisation (or normalization if you’re American).

March Meet the Maker - 2021
Helen Bee

March Meet the Maker – an Instagram challenge

Knowing what to post on social media is a constant problem for most businesses. This Instagram challenge has prompt ideas any voice artist can use for any social platform.

Bee Productive logo.
Rob Bee

Not Beeing Productive anymore

Rob talks a little about the history of Bee Productive, and how he got to his current place before a little announcement.

OneVoice FAQs
Rob Bee

FAQs OneVoice 2020

Driven online by the current lockdown The One Voice Conference 2020 became the world’s first online voiceover conference